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Massage Therapy benefits many aspects of health.  More than just a luxury, massage at Simply Well can be a beneficial treatment tool, aiding the body in healing itself. Massage Therapy can also provide relief of chronic pain and stress as well as greatly benefit those with headaches, TMJ issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, hypertension, and sciatica. Our Licensed Massage Therapists will work with your specific needs be it relief of chronic pain and stress or specialty massages for prenatal, geriatric or autistic clients.

1 Hour Massage - $70.00
90 Min. Massage - $100.00

Massage Services

Swedish Massage - A deeply relaxing, full body massage incorporating light therapeutic touch intended to relieve stress by increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure and promoting normal digestion. 

Deep Tissue Massage - A more specific technique that targets deeper muscles and connective tissue.  Aimed at breaking up adhesions and loosening tight, overworked muscles. 

Sports Massage - A massage technique specifically designed to aid in athletic performance, recovery, and injury management.


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"I had a terrible migraine and by the time Dave was done working his magic it had totally gone away!"

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