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About Chiropractic

Chiropractors find and fix misaligned bones. Finding and fixing misaligned bones relieves pressure on nerves. With a nervous system free from interference, you can lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.   All your organs, muscles and tissues can find a clear communication route to your brain in order to function in harmony.  You can operate to the best of your ability and to your maximum potential.  You can allow the intelligence of your body to work freely again. The purpose of chiropractic is to optimize human potential.  For over 100 years chiropractic has been helping to keep humans functioning to their maximum potential.  We neither prescribe drugs nor perform surgeries. Instead we apply a simple yet specific force to bones in the back, or vertebrae that are out of place. 

Your body is more powerful than any supercomputer. As you read this, your brain is sending millions of impulses to all of the organs, muscles and tissues in your body. Without the brain and nerves you could not be doing what your body is doing right now, including digesting food, healing any tissue that is in need of repair, standing, sitting, growing hair, keeping your eyes moist, blinking, breathing, pumping life-giving blood throughout your body, and even filtering out chemicals and toxins you may eat, drink or breathe. Every function and action in your body is a result of your brain sending a message down your spinal cord, through a nerve and into an organ or muscle. Most of these processes are happening without you even thinking about them. Your body knows how to take care of and heal itself. Your body is intelligent and powerful. 

What if there was interference to the nerves? Could your body work as well? 

The answer is no!  Pressure on a nerve equal or greater than the weight of a dime can cause the organ or tissue at the end of that nerve to function poorly. That pressure stops the nerve from functioning properly. Unfortunately, most of us have interference to our nervous systems and nearly all of that interference is coming from the bones in our backs being out of “whack”. 

Why do the bones in my back get out of “whack”? 

Stress causes the back bones, or vertebrae, to misalign and put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that branch from the spinal cord. Stress can be caused by poor posture (being hunched over sitting at a desk or computer for much of the day), incorrectly lifting things, falling, slipping, eating poorly, worry, financial challenges, frustrations with spouses, kids, etc. The stress that accumulates during our busy lives, as well as past emotional and physical traumas, can inhibit our bodies from optimal functioning. 

What does the chiropractor do? 

The chiropractor finds and fixes misaligned bones, thereby removing pressure from the nerves. With a nervous system free from interference, you can be ready for all that life throws at you. All your organs, muscles and tissues can have a clear communication route to your brain and can function in harmony. You can operate to the best of your ability and to your maximum potential. You can allow the intelligence of your own body to work freely again.

But you did not talk about my pain. 

Pain is an indicator, much like the oil light in your car in an indicator. A treatment by a chiropractor, called an adjustment, most often helps with the pain. However, your body could be functioning poorly and you may be unaware of it. You may feel blah, not quite yourself. The sad thing is you may have felt blah for so long you do not know what it feels like to feel great. Many of my patients are surprised at the changes that happen in their body after chiropractic care. The cool thing is I am not fixing them. It is that intelligence I mentioned earlier that is doing it. I just remove the interference. Your body does the rest. 

Does every Chiropractor have this philosophy? 

No. Be sure to interview your perspective chiropractor first. There are many different views out there. Find the right chiropractor for you and your family.   

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I always feel very comfortable in Eric's hands.  It's obvious that he knows what he is doing, which puts me at ease.

Shelley Whitcomb